Toluma Farms, Inc.,

Issue No. 2
September 1, 2009


Animal Welfare


The Farm is proud to announce that in May, Toluma Farms became the first goat dairy in Marin County to be certified Animal Welfare Approved ( The Animal Welfare Approved standards are the most comprehensive and rigorous of all the animal related accreditations in the United States (as noted by the World Society for the Protection of Animals in a recent comparison of third-party certifiers). Only family farms who raise with a pasture-based management system can become certified.

Goat Cheese

It has taken us awhile to start making our own cheese but the time has arrived. Cheesemaker, Hanna Hart, made her first batch of cheese for the MALT/Family Farm Day and it was a huge hit. Quoting one visitor’s email, “Just wanted to send a very belated thank you for the Toluma Farm tour. We enjoyed it immensely! Also, the cheese you gave us is AMAZING.I've had some great goat cheese in my day but it was truly exceptional. Please tell Hanna thank you for us and let me know where we can buy some more! I am addicted.”

We will officially be making cheese beginning on October 4th. Our Cheese will be available at several local restaurants and farmer's markets. Our first farmer's market will be the Divisadero Farmer's Market in the Western Addition/Nopa area of San Francisco. We will keep you posted as to other locations where you can find us.

Town of Tomales

As many of you know from visiting the farm we are in a magical location. The friendly and supportive town of Tomales is the ideal location for a farm. On Sunday, Sept. 6th, we will participate in the annual Tomales Founders Day Parade and Celebration. If you are in the area please stop by as we will have a booth. Additionally, the first Sunday of each month at 11am we open the farm for tours. Please sign up through the website. Come October, many of our goats will be kidding thus we will have kids to play with and for sale.

Farm Day - Marin Agriculture Land Trust

On July 25th Toluma Farms hosted a MALT Family Farm Day. MALT was the first land trust in the United States to focus on farmland preservation. MALT acquires agricultural conservation easements on farmland in voluntary transactions with landowners. It is a model for agricultural land preservation efforts across the nation. MALT has so far permanently protected more than 41,500 acres of land on 64 family farms and ranches.

Approximately 100 adults and children visited the farm to learn about dairy goats and cheese making. David Little, owner of Little Organic Farms, who dry farms many of his amazing potatoes at Toluma Farms, showed families how to pick potatoes, tell the difference in varieties and how his potatoes are farmed. It was a wonderful afternoon of tractor riding, eating Redwood Hill Yogurt (where our milk currently goes), playing with baby goats and meeting people who share an interest in learning about where their local food comes from.

Toluma Farms' Team

The Farm has thrived due to the hard working, creative and dedicated team. The team at Toluma Farms is currently comprised of Laura Freeman and Hanna Hart (who have been with the farm for over a year), Keri Sheridan, Cory Brush and apprentice Jenn Rogge. Over the summer, we were fortunate to have two amazing interns, Audrey Lucterhand (Indiana) and Amie Spieth (Wisconsin). Recent employee, Jamie Lummis spent the summer volunteering in Central America.


Mailing Address: 5488 Middle Road, Petaluma, 94952